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vote pour le deroulement du pairing Empty vote pour le deroulement du pairing

Message par pendi le Lun 25 Avr - 20:50

Hi all dear Captains
Let's finalize this year's rules pack, with the following questions. If you think I have missed some topic, please feel free to remind me.

1. What sort of maps/terrain do you want to be used at the ETC 2016?. Please rate in order of preference by using ">" or "=" between each option
a1) Spanish proposal, with fixed deployment to each map (any other choice assumes that deployment is randomized)
a2) Spanish proposal, with random deployment in each map
b1) Russian proposal, using all of the maps (1-8 in one row, and 9-16 in the following row)
b2) Russian proposal, maps 1-8
b3) Russian proposal, maps 9-16

2. Objectives: Do you agree to incorporating a 4th Objective (Their flag is down") to the ETC 2016 as proposed by the 9th age?

2.1 Non-binding question: If the 4th Objective is not incorporated, how do you propose to fix the problem of having 3 objectives for 8 games?

2.2 How to decide Objectives: It has been voted that objectives will be linked to the pairing matrix. However this can be done "scrambled" like in 2015, where the order of the objectives was changing each round, or fixed so that the order of the objectives is the same in each round. See example below
a) Scrambled
b) Fixed

Scrambled example:
Round 1, Pairings 1&2: Breakthrough
Round 1, Pairings 3&4: Secure Target
Round 2, Pairings 1&2: Hold the Ground
Round 2, Pairings 3&4: Breakthrough

Fixed example:
ALL rounds, Pairings 1&2: Breakthrough
ALL rounds, Pairings 3&4: Secure Target

3. VP Table. There are mainly 3 alternatives for the VP Table. Please state your preferance in order of priority with ">" and "="
150-linear. Using the old VP table of the ETC, but instead of capping at 1501, it would cap at 1051 (17-3). The other 3BP would be Objective-based
200-linear. This VP table was used under some circumstances in 2015. With the 17-3 maximum score this would mean a cap at 1401 VP
9th-nonlinear. This VP table has smaller increments (125VP) near the draw-points and larger increments as it progresses (250VP in the middle, and 500VP at the top), capping at 1751 for the 17-3 result

This vote will run for 15 days, or until a majority for all topics is found. The ballots will be cast in this thread by the appointed Captains.

The options with only 2 choices will be decided by simple majority, where not tactical voting can take place. The options with more than 2 choices will be decided by Condorcet method. Albeit there is a slight risk of tactical voting, Condorcet is quite resistant to it and the options are in fact 2 in nature with slight varieties, which would fall under being only 2 "Clone Alternatives", a situation where Condorcet is not only resistant but immune to tactical voting. Therefore it is my impression that in this case the fuss of blinding the vote does not compensate for what minimal benefit could come from it.

However, if any Captain prefers to cast his vote privately, he or she should feel free to sent it to me as a Private Message.

Lastly, I want to remind all of the voting captains, that the ballots can be changed anytime as long as the vote is still ongoing.


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vote pour le deroulement du pairing Empty Re: vote pour le deroulement du pairing

Message par Arklash le Sam 7 Mai - 10:49

Pour L'Est sauvage

1 : A2
2 : YES
2.1 : -
3 : 200 - LINEAR

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